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Lavage de vitres impeccable have evolved in the world of window cleaning and thus rank us among the leaders in domestic services. Founded in 2007, the company has continued to grow by developing a winning formula greatly appreciated by its customers, building a close relationship between the company and the customer.

The rapid growth of the company leads us to serve the Greater Montreal area. We have all the facilities to fulfill our goal to make you completely satisfied and put a little sunshine in your home or in your business!

A customer-based approach with the owner!

The strength of our concept is simple: The customer must feel full of confidence and must be fully satisfied about cleaning the windows of his residence. How to create this guarantee to our customers? By establishing a close link between the head of the company and the customer, because it moves at home and monitors quality. This popular action wants insurance job well done according to customer requests.

Our Mission

The purpose of Lavage de vitres impeccable is to provide a high quality service and customer satisfaction in terms of cleanliness of windows. We will do everything to be up to your expectations. In terms of residential windows washing, commercial window washing, industrial windows washing, institutional windows washing or government windows washing, our team of window cleaners are trained to make your windows sparkly!

In this sense, the mandate of the company is to target what the customer wants and do the work with your entire satisfaction. We guarantee a clean work above the established standards.

Enjoy outstanding offers for cleaning confidently with professionals at your disposal according to your schedule. It's simple and you will see more clearly!

Écolotech® Program : Green Cleaning

The environment is an important and everyone should consider doing their part to preserve the long term. At LV Impeccable, we base our methodology on three aspects to try to do our part at our best.

First, we use ecological certified soaps and products composed of biodegradable cleaning agents. These products have no carcinogenic, are non-toxic to the environment and are not irritating for children and animals. Second, we do our best to reduce our water consumption to the maximum possible. Our Hyflowtech® cleaning technology uses a very low water flow while ensuring good wash and scrub your windows so they are resplendent. Finally, we don't use heavy machinery or instrument which can damage vegetation or any other facilities around your house. Deal with a company that respects nature as a whole!

Number ONE professionnal window cleaners team in Montreal.

Our team of trained cleaners use high quality material that ensures easy maintenance, safe and environmentally friendly. Our technical upper spray the standards of other companies, we can guarantee you quality work at an unbeatable price!

Be sure we provide adequate training to all our employees in order to provide you a window cleaners team courteous and careful.