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Cleaning service with Hyflowtech® technology

The new way to wash glass and save money!

Discover Hyflowtech® washing: a new method-the-art technology that saves time and work to thoroughly clean!

SAFER: The work is done from the ground, with a complex system of flexible and hydro brush pole causing the product to wash the window height (up to 5 floors) without using platform, crane or scale. It does not damage the structure and can wash the contours of the frame and glass. The brush can clean and remove any clumps of cobwebs and dirt perched on a wall or building facades. The system is connected to the input of aqueduct water.

GREEN: The Hyflowtech® technology is safe for the environment and contains no abrasives or detergent. The machine and the products are inspected, tested and certified green. For family or for animals, respect for the environment is a value including washing windows impeccable relies in its Écolotech® program.

ECONOMIC: The system does not require scale, crane or boat, then the cost of operation is reduced and the working time also. This turns into real savings for everyone washes with our company. Your cost of building maintenance will be reduced and you will get better service! (Windows and frames and dirt wall) By opting for a washing frequently, you can enjoy great discounts.

For more information, contact us or visit our services window washing, gutter cleaning and pressure washing. Trust the team of window cleaner’s number ONE around Montreal, Laval, Brossard and Longueuil!

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